Asante Investments

Asande is a social enterprise that finds creative and sustainable ways to address pressing challenges confronting society.


CIBIO is an Agri-tech company that provides innovative tech solutions for the agriculture market it focuses a lot on aquaponics and aquaculture.

IAM Emerge

I AM Emerge is creative agency focused on marketing products for brands to their target markets. It provides both qualitative and quantitative market research services.


Multimedia Villa is a digital company providing 2D and 3D Animation; Augmented Reality; 3D Wall and floor projection as well as Game and App Development services.

OB Green Energy

O.B Green energy is a renewable energy that provides waste management and Independent power production using new renewable energy technologies.


Vuleka is a mobile aggregation, last mile distribution and fintech platform that provides a route to market solution for FMCG products into the informal market.